Nighttime Safari developed out of 3 friends' love for hip hop. 


We exist to create, circulate, and construct conversation about good music with the intent of participating in culture in a way that represents the truth. We also want to develop an environment that celebrates music while letting go of all inhibitions.

Ben Burner


To me, music is a place where nothing can touch me. It’s a hideaway in the sky where I create the rules. It’s a release of emotions and thoughts on the tipping point, an outpouring of the soul. It’s a tool for understanding, and an expansion of the imagination.

Nighttime Safari is the highway between the hideaway and reality. Engaging the world and its reality and giving people a chance to join us in our getaway. Using our true form of expression with the people we care the most about.



The  mysterious man behind the computer. Thats really all you need to know. 



To me, music simply means purity. It's nothing less than a beautiful output of the soul. In my perspective, it's all about releasing what's inside of you through the creative realms of instrumentation.

Nighttime Safari is a true exemplar of what it means to be limitless in creative ways on & off stage. You can catch me center stage, drumsticks in hand - drums at my mercy - having a musical meltdown.



Music has always had the ability to make me feel alive. I live for that song or sound that sends shivers down my spine. It's when you realize that you've created something much bigger than yourself that you truly come alive, and that life and passion is what Nighttime Safari gives me.

As the recording engineer for NTS I have spent countless hours in studio with Ben and Pete, using the time together to hone the sounds that we are looking for, and planning how we might make the next song even better. I am just a small, yet fortunate part of this crazy act, funneling the creativity into a recorded track.