Nighttime Safari is where hip-hop, comic books, and video games meet


Nighttime Safari is about the journey more than the destination. Where the progression is just as important as the final result. It’s escaping reality so that we can better understand it. It’s a road trip through the galaxy.

Ben Burner


Number one hyperactive knuckle headed rapper describes Ben better than anything. This high energy lovable loser is an MC on stage, and MC in our web comic. Ben grew up in Greenville, IL with Petesnacks, where they eventually formed Nighttime Safari.



The  mysterious man behind the computer. Quiet and witty, Pete is the brains behind this operation. He produces and mixes all the NTS music.



Live music just doesn’t hit unless you got those live drums! Vandes is NTS’s drummer, fellow creative, and comical relief whenever things are getting tough.


Joel Beussink

Sense of adventure and comedic melancholy best describes Joel demeanor. He has traveled the world and now he is traveling the universe. He is the artist behind the NTS web comic series. But he does far more than draw! Joel plays bass for us and often contributes to the creative process.